5 Tips to style your hair if you have round face

How to get a slimmer face with the right hairstyle

EN: If you have a round face like I do, you have probably been in the situation when your face looked rounder than it really was. Have you ever thought that your hairstyle might be the reason?I think we all want to have that perfect oval shape face that runway models have. To help you with that, I have 5 tips to style your hair and get a slimmer face instantly.

1. Keep your hair long

Long hair will take attention away from the roundness of your face. If you want a hairstyle with volume, opt for volume only on top of your head, not on the sides, because you’ll look like a balloon afterwards, trust me!

2. Keep your long hair layered and add some side swept bangs – this will add more angles to your face
It’s important to have side swept longer bangs that will compliment your face.

3. Try a medium hair length with layers
Having your hair layered frames your hair nicely and gives you a nice feminine touch.
4. Say no to short bobs!  Short bobs with short bangs will make your face look even rounder than it really is so you can keep it longer. If you do want to have a bob hairstyle, try a longer one, with the length below your chin. This will instantly slim your round face.

5. Try loose curls or wavy hairstyles
If you love to have curls in your hair, try some loose ones because the tight ones can accentuate the roundness of your face.

P.S. You have a hairstyle gallery below to inspire you!

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Learn 10 ways to wear a scarf on your hair!

10 ways to wear a scarf in your hair

RO: Astazi mi-am adus aminte de un videoclip mai vechi dar care mi se pare o foarte buna sursa de inspiratie de vara. Daca nu mai stiti cum sa va prindeti parul, esarfa este o solutie chic si la indemana pentru a va proteja parul si pentru a va racori in aceste zile calduroase.  Daca sunteti curioase sa aflati si alte modalitati de a va proteja parul, am mai scris aici pe acest subiect.

Mai jos aveti videoclipul, sper sa va placa si sa va inspire! Cum vi se par esarfele purtate in par? Va plac?

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5 tricks to keep your blond hair colour longer

how to keep your blonde hair colour longer

RO: Stiu ca multe dintre voi, blondelor, va place blondul proaspat iesit de la salon. Si apoi, cui nu i-ar place? Dar dupa 2-3 saptamani, culoarea devine pala, nu mai are stralucire si aproape ca nu va mai suportati parul.

Si, ce-i de facut? Aveti multe solutii la indemana, iar eu va voi da 5 ponturi pentru pastrarea blondului mai mult timp.

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